Welcome to Waterfall 2019!

Latest Announcement
We are excited to announce Fall Splash this year will see us joining forces with Splash programs across the country to offer Rainstorm, a virtual event! This will take place on December 5th and 6th. Head to cloud.learningu.org for more information!

About Our Program

What: Waterfall offers the opportunity for high school students from all around to take classes on cool subjects they might not otherwise get to. Check out this years catalog to see what classes are being offered.
When: Waterfall takes place mid November each year. This year Waterfall will not be taking place due to COVID-19. However, a virtual program will still take place on December 5th and 6th in partnership with other universities around the country. Head over to cloud.learningu.org for more information!
Who: Any student in grades 9 - 12.
Cost: Waterfall and all NEPTUN programs are absolutely 100% free! Pizza is provided and other options are available around campus at a cost.
Where: Waterfall takes place in Ryder Hall on Northeastern's Campus. Instructions to campus can be found in our FAQ.


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