What is NEPTUN?

NEPTUN stands for NorthEastern Program for Teaching by UNdergraduates (yeah, it's a mouthful). We are a group of Northeastern University students who aim to enrich the lives of high school students in the Boston area (and students outside of the area, if they're willing to travel!) through free education. They are not Northeastern professors — Just smart students who want to share what they know.

What do you do?

We host a few events every semester for those high school students. They're free, and can range in topic as far as you can imagine. We've had computer science classes, poetry classes, engineering, ballroom dancing, and more. Click LEARN! and go through our course catalog to see what will be offered this time.

Can I get college credit for attending?

Unfortunately, we do not offer college credit. Classes are only an hour or two long and are intended just to give students a taste of new material. You'll get a fun introduction to some college-level material, for free.

Where does this all happen?

On Northeastern's campus in the city of Boston. Waterfall 2016 will take place inside Ryder Hall, which is right next door to Ruggles T-Station.

For any additional questions, email nu.neptun@gmail.com. Now go back to the homepage and register!