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SHATOYIA JONES, Social Entrepreneur, Ms. Massachusetts 2019 AWOS

Major: English: Comm & Perform Arts

College/Employer: NEU

Year of Graduation: UG

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I am Shatoyia Jones, a philosopher, transformational personal and professional development life coach and public speaker and social systems educator. I taught with Amherst College Spark for 3 years straight and am happy to get back into it!

In addition to being Founder and CEO of By Way of Melanin​™ and By Way of Melanin​ TV™, First Ladies of Poverty Foundationvand Ordinary x Influence, I serve as Educational and Leadership Consultant for Crimson Education.

I was recently being selected to provide press coverage for the 3-day conference: Improving Outcomes for Students Living in Poverty and Trauma, Her Campus Conference: Empower NYC, Power in Your Purse Awards and Business Fights Poverty NYC.

With 13 years (and counting) of experience in the management and program development, cultural transformation and DEI / EDI / D&I industries, I was recently selected to serve as the sole project leader for Beyond El Campo literacy project in Costa Rica, Youth Engagement Specialist for Self/Dial AmeriCorps,Guest Workshop Host for Consortium for High Achieving Students of Color at Trinity College, Special Guest at MIT Innovation Conference & Harambe Seed Funding at Harvard Business.

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@ladelapaz on Instagram

Past Classes

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How To Make Money By Doing What Is Right and Making a Positive Impact in Splash Spring 2020
Learn about different career paths and programs you can take / get involved with to start making money by doing what is right and making a positive impact in your community! Also come to learn more about different scholarship and grant programs for youth and young adults who desire to go into entrepreneurship, public service, social justice and/or education!

Hip Hop and Salsa Dancing For Beginners and Intermediate Dancers in Splash Spring 2020
A dance class mixing hip hop, salsa and lyrical dance into a fun choreo that is intended to help you build confidence, relieve stress and have fun-- all while learning the basics of some awesome dance styles.